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Since our inception in the industry, we’re always ready to help collectors embark on their voyage in collecting while providing a seamless and immersive experience for hobbyists to enjoy.

We’re pleased to announce that we will provide buy/sell/trade services for Flesh & Blood cards at Calling Taipei.

Whether you’re looking for highly coveted singles for collection, or sprucing up your deck while trying out new heroes to test this season’s latest meta - we’ve got you covered.



Fyendal Hobby

Fyendal Hobby specialises in Flesh and Blood (FAB). Located in Singapore, as a card gaming store, since 2021,

the store was established after the early sets release and managed to gain a foothold and was quickly recognised as one of the first few official retailers for Flesh and Blood in Singapore.

We deliver to all over the world, check out our special items, premade decks for each hero, and complete sets of individual class for each edition.

These would help new players to start easily, and for players to switch classes easily.

We operate a physical store (with capacity to seat comfortably up to 90 players) in Singapore, working together with Agora Hobby (our sister company) which deals with many other TCGs.

We will be glad to assist you here at Fyendal Hobby, by always buying and selling what you want! We would be bringing some exclusive FAB playmats for sale! 



Games Haven

Games Haven is one of the oldest dedicated TCG stores in Singapore that also has a play space available.
We have 4 physical stores in Singapore, and recently opened our first store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
We will be selling and buying Flesh and Blood singles at the Taiwan Calling. 



PCG by Invictus Forge

Premier Card Grading (PCG) is a third-party authenticator defined on having a modern and consistent service for all TCGs within our scope.

We are made up of a range of different collectors all trained towards the same goal in producing a high quality turnover of cards.

Our mission is to deliver a world class grading service providing assurance and confirmation of value to all collectors.

We will be collecting submissions in person for card grading (an initiative so the players/collectors do not need to ship cards to us).